Loophole Would Allow Illegals to Get Tax Rebate Check

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Illegal Immigrant Illegal Alien Tax Rebate CheckA big loophole in the House Bill fortunately caused problems today with the proposed Bush tax rebates. The loophole in the House bill would allow most illegal immigrants to receive a tax rebate check.

If the illegal immigrants work and have a tax payer identification number, they are technically considered “resident aliens”, even if they don’t have a social security number or used a fake social security number to get a job. Therefore,¬†they are eligible to receive the tax rebate check under the current legislation even though they aren’t an American citizen.

Nevada Senator John Ensign (R) said, “I’m not sure that the American taxpayer would like people who are in this country illegally to be getting a tax rebate.”

Really Senator Ensign? At least you have a clue! Supposedly, tomorrow they are going to start working on fixing both the Senate and House Bills to¬†correct this loophole and not allow tax rebates for illegal aliens. At this point in the fight against illegal immigration … who knows what will happen.

Jan 30th, 2008

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  1. MyAvatars 0.2 Constance said,

    Do you know if this error was fixed. Certianly people in the country illegally should not be entitled to rebate checks since they are not supposed to be here and certianly not working. I hope this error was fixed.

  2. MyAvatars 0.2 daniel hawe said,

    I am a tax paying person who struggles everyday to make ends meet. I work hard everyday with a good career. I recently Married a woman from the Philippines on 12/25/07. The cost of all the applications were huge. I used my 2007 tax return to pay for the change of status/temp green card, which we have not received yet. Though the fee increase promised to speed up the process? My wife wants to work which will help alot, but USCIS is still processing the work permit. We are doing everything by the book and we are suffering. Now I read we wont receive the tax rebate. Though I do disagree with Bush’s plan it would be good to actually get something back from this lame duck. I ask that someone please make an issue of this. People like myself, and even over seas servicemen who married oversea’s are not eligable for this rebate. What a slap in the face for doing right. I hope some ne reads this and passes it on. Myself and millions of other Americans really want and wait for change. I wish it was november now.

  3. MyAvatars 0.2 V said,

    I disagree. It is totally fair for them to receive a tax rebate if they pay taxes too. Many of them get paid with checks of which they deduct taxes. They also report taxes. Besides, I guarantee you every single one of them pays taxes for every dollar they spent on non-food items at stores. The real loophole lies with the business owners. They can pay less taxes because they can report making a fake amount of income.

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