Laredo Texas and Nuevo Laredo Mexico - Worse than Baghdad?

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Laredo Texas Nuevo Laredo Mexico Illegal ImmigrationTo find feuding war lords, rampant death squads and general mayhem, all you have to do is take one step over the Texas border into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. According to the Dallas Morning News, since 2004 more than 70 Americans have been kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Over two dozen of the kidnapped Americans are still missing.

The town of Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico are linked by a bridge across the Rio Grande. Residents in Laredo say they and their families are afraid to even go out of their house. Unfortunately, the closest media or television station to Laredo is nearly three hours away, so they never cover these stories that have been going on for several years.

On the other side of the border in Mexico, the media is silent as well, because they are basically threatened to not report the violence. “The media on Nuevo Laredo side has been muzzled,” said Laredo Sheriff Rick Flores. “They’re not allowed to report anything that’s going on, especially any violence. They went into a newspaper agency which is called El Manana, and they threw a couple of grenades in there and they sprayed bullets, AK-47s hitting people, paralyzing one. And of course that was just a message that they wanted to pass along to let the media know that they meant business, whenever they wanted the media to stay away from publicizing whatever they were doing.”

The Sheriff of Laredo Texas has seen and heard about many tragic stories from his area. Two young girls were kidnapped and given as a prize to a Mexican drug lord. “They had gone to a concert in Nuevo Lardo, Mexico and they were on their way back when they were stopped apparently by two municipal police officers.  And (the girls were) told to get out of the car and they shoved them into a police car and they kidnapped them. What we know is apparently these two girls were then given to one of the drug lords as a prize,” explained Sheriff Flores.

Chris Burgard, filmmaker of the upcoming movie “Border”, spent a lot of time in Laredo in 2005. He explained a type of tree that the media will never tell you about. “This is just not new,” Burgard said. “Rape Trees are . . .  the coyotes when they get some of the better looking women on our side of the border, they’ll rape these women often within an earshot of their children, or their parents, or their husbands that are with the rest of the group. Then they’ll have these women hang their panties up on trees, and they become “trophy trees.” This coyote will compare his tree with the fellow down the street.  And this is the kind of violence that these ranchers and these residents are living with all up and down the southern border.”

Ranchers and families are scared to get out of their cars at night. “Souhaiterais, Texas, sixty-five miles north of the border . . . Three weeks after I left their ranch (Vickers Ranch) in 2005, at a distance of a few yards, they observed twenty soldiers in black BDUs, automatic weapons . . . first three fellows had state of the art NVG goggles, coming through their ranch. And these twenty soldiers with automatic weapons; their cargo is six civilians. This is sixty-five miles north of the border.”

So don’t let a certain political party cry about the terrible things going on in Baghdad, when there are arguably much worse crimes right in our own backyard.

Where is the outrage?

Special thanks to Glenn Beck for airing this important information.

Oct 30th, 2007

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  1. MyAvatars 0.2 dee said,

    We all know that Border towns and Drug Cartels are a problem. The worst problem we have in our country are drugs. The USA, Britain and Australia are the highest using drug countries in the world. I believe Meth is the worst, most addictive drug in the country. It is cheap and easy to make. Before the DEA imposed such restrictions on sudephedrine, most dealers made their own. But since the restrictions, the dealers found Mexico was an easier way to obtain this drug. Since the restrictions, the cartels in Mexico have skyrocketed.

    Say No, You should include the whole story. This is all well documented.

  2. MyAvatars 0.2 admin said,

    Nice spin, but my entire post isn’t about drugs, so you should address the entire post. What about the kidnapping? What about the rapes, as a woman you should be outraged! What about Americans near the border living in fear? What about Mexicans illegally crossing the border to kidnap Americans? As always Dee, you blatantly ignore everything you can’t argue.

    And the drug lords in Mexico are a huge problem, you can blame it on DEA restrictions or what not, but the corrupt Mexican government and law enforcement agencies allow and encourage drug trafficking into America - just as they encourage Mexicans to illegally cross our border.

    The vast majority of my post is about kidnapping, rape and other criminal acts on Americans. Nice try, but you lose again.

  3. MyAvatars 0.2 Joe said,

    Hhow many of the of those 70 americans were any any tied into the drug trafficing or any assoiciation with drug dealers?

  4. MyAvatars 0.2 admin said,

    At the worst, I would guess, that a vast minority of them were trying to get drugs. But does buying drugs allow you to be kidnapped????

    Nice tray again, but no dice.

  5. MyAvatars 0.2 HS said,

    We are from TX and trust me, there’s no way to stop illegal immigration… its here to say, unless you are down here you will never really get to see how things really are.

    We kinda live with it now, I have a maid and a landscaping guy that are very cheap… me and most of my neighbors figure, hey if you can’t beat them, join them.

    We are also republican and voted for bush… that was probably a mistake, we can’t vote for hillary either so we are screwed.

  6. MyAvatars 0.2 L. McGuire said,

    Tsk Tsk HS - We are also from Texas and regrettably voted for Bush. We have not “joined them” and we will fight to save this great state and this great country to the end. No maids here and we do our own lawns. If we hire a contractor, we insist on Americans. Those of you who have “joined them” are ultimately responsible.

  7. MyAvatars 0.2 Patriot said,

    Lets start with the name of this site “Illegal Imigration” These violators of the United Stated Constitution are not immigrants as the media would love you to believe; they are invaders from a foriegn land and second they step foot on US soil they should be treated as such. These are mexicans that are here illegally, it should be the same as if they were redcoats, kami kazi, or the Taliban. They are invading OUR land, killing our people, raping our economy and then when they have thier education, healthcare and thier pockets are full of American money( generally yours and my tax money for aformentioned items) they go back to Mexico and live like kings. If they want to come to the USA, do it because you want to become a citizen of this great land. Not rape lady liberty and wipe your ass with constitution; while chucking the finger to the American Flag, because that is what these intruders are doing and we are allowing them to do it. We (every red blooded American) are allowing these intruders to destroy this great nation from the inside, by not stoping thier invasion through our sothern border, this is bigger than drugs this is the future of this country.
    “There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an Amereican but somthing else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag. We room for but one language here, and that is the english language. We have room for but one sole loyalty and that is the loyalty to the American people.” Theodore Roosevelt-1907! This was and still is a great country but we are running the risk of losing our control and I think Teddy said it better than I ever could have in this quote. This problem will only get as bad as “We the people” allow ait to become so ask that every American stand up and stop this!!!!

  8. MyAvatars 0.2 T1000 said,

    The bottom line is that is that yes their is a problem and half of those people that were kidnapped were in one way invloved with drug trafficking. Unlike Bagdad there are no car bombs blowing up and yes admin Mexico has a corruption probelm but it is all about drugs because the US is the highest comsumer of drugs and nobody is adressing that problem it all about supply and demand apprently you did not learned that in economics you seem ignore that problem typical of you people that don’t even live here as for Flores he has has his own agenda he cries like a little girl for everything but he can’t do his job he wants more money more of everything the bottom line gets yours asses down her and see the reality. As for illegal immigaration I don’t agree with it and the problem is those that still hire them and don;t think that that that wall is going to stop it as long is their is someone on the US that will hire them.

  9. MyAvatars 0.2 Marylin said,

    I am visiting this site by accident but am glad I found it.I hope something is done to penalize the companies hiring illegals.I hate to hear the media say how america needs them to fill jobs .Yet,in the last month or so I have applied at 60 different places and haven’t been able to get a job.The killer was when I went to a temporary agency and applied for a third shift because I don’t have a babysitter.The person at the office kept insisting that I work first shift.As I spoke to this person another person walked in asking for a third shift and was assigned a company right away later I heard someone say they couldn’t send me because I am a U.S. citizen and they send people without proper documentation to third shift asssignments because ICE doesn’t usually do raids @ night.So,believe it or not it’s easier for an illigal to get employed than a U.S.citizen because they don’t demand rights or cause problems for the company.I have put alot of reports into ICE with accurate information to NO success it’s like if they can’t do their job EVEN with help.Now,crime they come here carrying their flags around and yelling how proud they are to be mexicans(which in Mexico is a crime to use the flag in that matter).Now,I have a visited Mexico on different occasions and have had many problems with people down there.My 14yr. old son was brutally beat up by a 24yr.old man that was high on cocaine and alcohol.Yet,even though there was witnesses and my son was able to identify his aggressor the authorities did nothing.My son suffered a fractured skull and still suffers consequences due to this aggression.And last year on a visit to Mexico my son was pulled over and the officer tried taking my sons wallet when my son refused to let him take it then he dragged my son to jail and was trying to put my son with abunch of drunks in a cell mind you my son was only 15yrsl old.I reported it and nothing was done.They actually laugh and will tell you straight in your face that they hate AMERICANS.They told me that WE think that WE (Americans)are better than them(mexicans).So,where are our rights were is our protection,where is our government and where are the law suits just like they do to us?

  10. MyAvatars 0.2 lln.. said,

    Ok well i used to live in laredo and yes it is bad…. but sweety come on not as bad as baghdad. There u are exaggerating to the max. It couldnt be compare to baghdad. The drug thing you say like its only mexicans doing the drugs. What about da white crack heads or the black pot heads… how come u dont write about that. why dont u write bout all da good things they’ve done instead of trashing they’re culture, not all mexicans are alike and its messed up how ur judging a whole group of ppl for ones mistake …dats not fair !!!
    ok n wat if they dont get hired are u gona do the dirty work
    are u gona be a janitor and clean after other ppls shit… no rite !! i bet u wont u know wat mexicans are jus cumin to get a better life and educate their children they’re not coming here to harm ppl. see sumtimes i do wish dat mexicans would stop cumin over jus so i get at laugh at seeing u ppl break ur backs and do wat we have to do jus to have a decent living. id wish to see u guys work as hard as we do… dis counrty is based on ppl imigrating over here … ppl imigrated to this land for a free life and a better living .. who are you to take that away from them !!

  11. MyAvatars 0.2 nitwit said,

    Wow, so many of you who write are completely illiterate. Did any of you attend school anywhere and actually learn English? But as for the story, I am outraged that there is no media coverage of this, and that there is no attempt to stop the rapes and kidnapping or the drugs through enforcement of law and order. Thank God for Glenn Beck. He’s the one who alerted me to this through his television show. We need to elect a president who has promised to secure the borders and then go from there. We will become another Mexico if we don’t.

  12. MyAvatars 0.2 BeenThereDoneThat said,

    Well for one if stupid people would allow Border Patrol agents to perform their jobs then perhaps they can start to lessen the severity of this problem. When BP agents cannot fire back when fired upon, cannot pursue, and have all these restrictions on how they do their job, what do you expect? I personally walking across a bridge into Mexico viewed illegal aliens swimming across the river below me.

    A BP agent once told me that this problem will not be resolved until gunships are flying up and down the river as if it were a war zone in our own backyard.

  13. MyAvatars 0.2 chris said,

    the world was made by god who are these people to put borders on land that is not theirs from the first this country has more than 2 million mexican immigrants and thats not including the illegal immigrants in this country you hear mexican language anywhere you go an thers a mexican in every neighborhood and everyday i see out my house a illegal immigrabt crossing the border its unstoppable. were doomed anyway

  14. MyAvatars 0.2 Holly said,

    This article is blowing things WAY out of proportion.,–Mexico&id=58416

  15. MyAvatars 0.2 Tommy said,

    I have to rush for work… This is an undeclaired War.
    The government will not do the right thing. We must act and the time is NOW!

  16. MyAvatars 0.2 Maritza said,

    Im on my way there tomorrow. Now Im am scared!

  17. MyAvatars 0.2 livinginlaredo said,

    I live in Laredo right now.
    I have yet to meet anyone who is afraid to leave their homes. I actually live in a fairly affluent yuppie neighborhood, where the biggest problem is stray cats.
    I also work for the newspaper in Laredo. As far as I can tell, we’re not three hours away from the city, nor are the multiple television stations that represent the area.
    Nuevo Laredo might be a different story, but I have travelled there, had fun there and met some good people there.
    As for Flores being the sheriff of Laredo, he’s not. He’s the sheriff of Webb County. I don’t know if he was the one that told y’all that there are no media outlets within three hours of the city, but he has a personal grudge against us because he did not like the way we covered his election campaign.
    I have written in Laredo for months now, and I have covered murders and drug deals gone wrong, and, so far, no angry Zetas have showed up at my house asking for blood. The worst problem in Laredo is the fact that, because it’s a small town, the government has a lot of incest; the best contracts always get awarded to family and friends. That’s about it. Yes, there’s crime here, and some of it is pretty nasty, but I lived in Philadelphia, too, and a friend of mine got her head smashed in with a tire iron there. The perpetrator, my friends, was white.
    This story is sensationalism. It is a problem with online journalism on both the left and the right these days. Fact-checking has gone out the window. If you want to print this kind of nonsense, at least print Flores’ right title: Webb County Sheriff, NOT Laredo Sheriff.

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